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In February 2022, The Spirits Business annual competition “The Rum & Cachaça Masters competition”  selecting from finest rum and cachaça brands, the judges chose Siddiqui Rums Brown as top of class, winning Masters in the Dark Rum Category.

Siddiqui Rums Brown distinction as Masters in the Dark Rum Category champions its previous win as Gold awarded  in 2021.  

Siddiqui White Rum took Silver in White Rum Category. 

We are truly thrilled that Siddiqui Brown #Rum won a Master at the The Spirits Business Rum and Cachaca Masters 2022.

This is a great achievement for everyone involved.  


The Rum & Cachaça Masters 2022 results

The first set of dark rums fell within the premium price bracket, costing up to £25. Welsh distillery Penderyn blew the judges away with Siddiqui Brown Rum. Smith was reminded of the coast when sampling this particular expression, and picked out “dry woodsmoke and some salinity” on the nose”. “Nice texture with some apple and pear notes,” he added.

2022 Masters Award


40% vol

2022 Silver Award


40% vol


Dark Rum – Premium (£0‐£25)

CompanyProduct Medal
Penderyn DistillerySiddiqui Brown RumMaster
Havana Club InternationalHavana Club Cuban SmokyGold
Westerhall Rums GrenadaWesterhall 10 XOGold
Bacardí RumBacardí Gran Reserva LimitadaGold
Les BienheureuxMama QuillaGold
Vok BeveragesDouble Cask 5 Year Old RumGold
Rum Enterprise A&P CentralEminente ReservaGold
Far Shore MerchantsPeggy Dark RumGold
The Equiano Rum CoEquiano OriginalGold
Vok Beverages1884Gold
Maison FerrandPlantation Original DarkSilver

White Rum – Premium (£16‐£20)

CompanyProduct Medal
Halewood Artisanal SpiritsDead Man’s Fingers White RumGold
PamperoPampero BlancoGold
Vok BeveragesWhite 3 Year Old RumGold
Hotaling & CoDenizen Aged White RumGold
Les BienheureuxEmbargo BlancoGold
Havana Club InternationalHavana Club 3 Year OldGold
Far Shore MerchantsWindsong White RumGold
AngosturaAngostura ReservaGold
Maison FerrandStade’s Rum Beach Vat N°1Gold
Maison FerrandPlantation 3 StarsGold
The Equiano Rum CoEquiano LightGold
TakamakaTakamaka Rum BlancSilver
Penderyn DistillerySiddiqui White RumSilver
Spirit of WalesSteeltown Welsh White RumSilver


Siddiqui Rums has roots in America and the Middle East and now made in Wales. Combining the moonshining culture of the Middle East, as well as the smoky flavors of American and Welsh liquor, Siddiqui Rum is an entirely new creation, a brand-new drink that arose from a very unique place.


Penderyn Distilleries

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