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True innovators and makers often work in conditions, sometime illicitly, where there is limited access to the tools and tech others have on tap, so they innovate, get creative, collaborate and be tenacious with materials they have around them. Siddiqui is from this world and is the companion, and often catalyst, to these makers moments.

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Drink Retailing News

Penderyn Distillery are delighted to announce that they have partnered with the California-based, Siddiqui Rums….

Siddiqui Rums mentioned in Forbes Magazine as one of the best rums in the world

Penderyn Distillery, Siddiqui Brown Rum, 40% ABV won the Master award, Premium, $30 and under. Penderyn is the largest distillery in Wales. This is an incredibly smooth rum that offers up flavors of dried fruit, along with an intriguing smoky sweetness and notes of caramel and seasoned oak.

Siddiqui Rums wins Masters Medal at The Rum & Cachaca Masters 2022

The first set of dark rums fell within the premium price bracket, costing up to £25. Welsh distillery Penderyn blew the judges away with Siddiqui Brown Rum. Smith was reminded of the coast when sampling this particular expression, and picked out “dry woodsmoke and some salinity” on the nose”. “Nice texture with some apple and pear notes,”